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How much does the membership cost?

There is a membership to suit everyone's needs. Prices start from £38.00


What is the membership?


Customers must purchase a core package which will ensure they are able to have those treatments once every month. Customers are able to be flexible and add on a maximum of 4 treatments each month.

Is there a joining fee?


No, there is no joining fee.


When is the first payment taken?

Once you have set up your direct debit, payments will be taken 

What treatments does the membership include?

Keep It Sweet-£38.00

Standard Manicure

Standard Pedicure

Pick Me Up-£60.00

Express Facial/Back Massage

Standard Manicure

Standard Pedicure


Are they any extra benefits to becoming a member?



Members can choose additional treatments for 30% off. You can choose up to a maximum of 4 add ons from the list provided. It is not mandatory to purchase add ons and you can change them every month at your discretion. To book an appointment before 8:30am you must request this by emailing Renita at There is an additional fee of £10 for this service and only one hour slots are available for early morning appointments. 


If I purchase the membership can my friends/family use it?


You can purchase the membership in your name on behalf of someone and make the payments. Unfortunately, you will not be able to have the treatments shared between different clients. The membership can only be used on one person.


Is this a contract?


No, you can cancel at anytime no obligation. 

Do I have to book all my treatments all at once?

Not at all. If you want to spread your treatments throughout the month or have them altogether its entirely up to you. Add on treatments such as; Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting, Bikini Wax and Underarm Wax are not available as single appointments. Those treatments must be booked with your normal core package or another add on treatment